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Simon Cowell lookalike, Kieran, comes with a personality and character as big as Simon's himslef, though his ego and bank balance aren't quite in the same league.

Comfortable and confident in front of an audience, Kieran is experienced in stand-up comedy and professional speaking. Now, with the popularity of Simon Cowell ascending through shows such as the X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent, Kieran is exploiting his remarkable resemblance to the TV's Mr Nasty to amuse and entertain. More than just a vacant lookalike, Kieran can really 'play the part' and will interact where required, judging and giviing feedback in Mr Cowell's inimitable style. 

Book Kieran as Simon Cowell for your next big event:

  • As a meet and greet at a corporate function or event
  • As a surprise guest at a party or social event
  • As a judge for a talent or karaoke competition
  • A special guest at award ceremonies
  • Team building or staff motivational days
  • PR stunt or product launch

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